Step 1 | “The way we see the problem is the problem”

This post is going to be a bit of stretch but it does relate to Universal basic Income (UBI), so please bear with me.

I read a book called, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and this book first starts off discussing this idea of ‘perspective’. In short, it goes into great depth discussing how "The way we see the problem is the problem". Now, UBI is a beautiful marriage between Socialism and Capitalism however, the further I dug, the more I saw that, IF UBI is designed as a ‘response’ to a problem where that ‘problem’ isn’t the […]

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The technology underlying cryptocurrencies, called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is sweeping the globe.It could one day transform who controls global financial markets.And it could radically change the balance of power among the world’s superpowers.But while U.S. authorities debate about the “dangers,” Asian countries are jumping ahead to reap the benefits.In recent congressional hearings, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) argued that cryptocurrencies are good for nothing except money laundering and tax evasion. He recommended that the U.S. move immediately to ban all purchases and mining.Fed Chairman Jerome Powell chimed in […]

Documentary explores attempts to implement an unconditional basic income

Documentary explores attempts to implement an unconditional basic income

News By Yvette Sei

FREE LUNCH SOCIETY: Filmmaker and economist Christian Tod discussed what he sees as the benefits of implementing an unconditional basic income after the screening of his documentary last Thursday.

The idea that every person should receive an unconditional basic income (UBI) each month, just for being alive, has generated conflicting opinions among economists and policy makers for years. Members of the Brandeis community and outside guests gathered to learn about this unorthodox economic idea last Thursday when Austrian filmmaker and economist Christian Tod presented his documentary on the subject, “Free Lunch Society: Komm Komm Grundeinkommen,” or […]

How a universal basic income can end financial exclusion

How a universal basic income can end financial exclusion

The main argument for a universal basic income (UBI) is that it would reduce poverty and income inequality. Yet UBI advocates often overlook a range of other potential benefits.

Digital UBI payments can bring people into the financial system and build their financial capability, unlocking a range of development benefits for citizens and governments alike.

Take Mongolia for example. In 2014, 92 percent of adults had a bank account —by far the highest share in the developing world. (By comparison, only 43 percent of adults are banked in similar lower-middle income countries.)Young adults, a population often financially disenfranchised, see some […]

Annuities and Retirement Healthcare: New HealthyCapital and Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) White Paper Outlines Strategies to Address Retirement Healthcare Costs

DANVERS, Mass. and WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — With total lifetime healthcare costs for a healthy 65-year-old couple retiring this year projected to exceed $360,000, ensuring sufficient savings are available to address healthcare is a growing retirement planning challenge.

A new white paper, " Healthcare, Annuities, and Retirement ," from HealthyCapital and the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), shows savings that can be realized from improved health and how they can be used to reduce the burden of healthcare costs in retirement. Insured Retirement Institute Logo "Retirement healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket costs are ‘guaranteed’ expenses that will rise faster than […]

Rant and Rave for Sept. 25, 2018

Rant and Rave for Sept. 25, 2018

Trump doesn’t know what good is

“Donald Trump does not know the meaning of a good man. President Donald Trump praised Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump praised KIM JONG-UN’S A SPECIAL GUY, Praises Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump praised Judge Brett Kavanaugh. President Donald Trump praises PUTIN.

“I have studied liars. I’ve never seen one like Donald Trump.” Basic income removes incentive to work “Saw the guaranteed basic income rant. Stockton, Oakland, San Francisco are trying to give those on welfare more unaccountable monthly cash; they’re already paid to do nothing. Remove workers’ incentive to work by stealing their hard […]

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang pitches ‘Freedom Dividend’

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang pitches 'Freedom Dividend'

Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang (from left) on Monday high-fives Hunter Staszak, a junior at the University of Iowa, as he talks with UI Democrats before an event at the Iowa Memorial Union. (Stephen Mally/The Gazette) IOWA CITY — Automation has led to the loss of about 4 million manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa and that job loss has a direct correlation to voting patterns, according to Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang.

“Those are the states that went from blue to red and enabled Donald Trump to win” the 2016 presidential election, the New York entrepreneur […]

What Are Humans Good For? Oxford Researcher Shows How To Future-Proof Jobs In AI Economy

What Are Humans Good For? Oxford Researcher Shows How To Future-Proof Jobs In AI Economy

The recent surge in AI development has a twin effect on the industry — on the one hand it led to deployment of AI-based technology, and on the other it also sparked fear of job losses, due to rising automation. When seen in the Indian context, jobs siphoned off by automation has become an important issue in India’s tech circles. The Indian government led by PM Modi has fully embraced AI but it remains to be seen how it plans to assist the population of India in the age of automation.

Now, machine learning researcher Michael Osborne is looking at […]

Robots May Replace A Lot More Human Jobs By 2022

Robots May Replace A Lot More Human Jobs By 2022

The Why Axis Human Machine Working Hours The rise of AI and automation has implications on productivity, wages, employment, and more as robots start performing more and more jobs once done by humans.

According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), " The Future of Jobs 2018 ," 52 percent of current job tasks will be performed by robots by 2025. The study found that automation could eliminate 75 million jobs by 2022 in sectors such as accounting, assembly plants, customer management centers, and postal services.

But the report also estimates that this "robot revolution" will create a […]

Rest Easy, Sort of: AI Will Create More Jobs Than It Destroys

Rest Easy, Sort of: AI Will Create More Jobs Than It Destroys

Artificial intelligence, robotics and the fourth industrial revolution are setting the stage for a massive, global expansion in job creation, according to a new report released by the World Economic Forum .

Entitled “ The Future of Jobs ”, the report predicts that although the new technology will wipe out 75 million jobs worldwide by 2022, 133 million new jobs will be created in their place. The Swiss organization behind the annual agenda-setting Davos summit claims that on the whole, the robot revolution will by far deliver a net positive contribution to employment. Smooth Sailing or Storms Ahead?

The […]