With AI integration, Skilled Jobs will soon be in Demand

With AI integration, Skilled Jobs will soon be in Demand

Global Artificial Intelligence market is poised to grow at a CAGR of above 35 pc during the forecast period 2015 to 2022. Mr. Jayant Joshi, Managing Director, RS India – A Swiss Precision and Assembly Unit. A study report from World Economic Forum says that Robots will handle as much as 52 pc of the work tasks by 2025. Notable is that Robot revolution is popularizing at a fast pace all over the world and India is no exception to it. A US-based HfS Research predicted that India’s IT services industry will lose 6.4 lakh “low- skilled” jobs to […]

Worry about future work

Worry about future work

By Jim Poling Sr.

It was a long time ago, but I was an elevator operator once. That was back in the days when elevators were not push-button automatic and needed a human to guide them from floor to floor with a physical hand control lever.

It was only a part-time thing. I was bellhop in a hotel and was required to relieve the regular operator during her lunch or dinner. It was wonderful work. You had the challenge of making swift but smooth rides without jerky stops and starts. And, you had to align the elevator cage floor exactly with […]

Collaborative robots: the affordable automation solution for Indian MSMEs

Collaborative robots: the affordable automation solution for Indian MSMEs

Image credit: blueprint.cbre.com An IFR report states that a new record high of 381,000 collaborative robot (cobot) units were shipped globally in 2017, which is a 114 percent growth in the period 2013–2017. In sync with this global trend of the rapidly rising use of robotic process automation (RPA), even the small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) sector in India is witnessing a steadily increasing penetration of robotics.

The layperson thinks of a robot as a mechanical humanoid creature which may or may not be intelligent, but from the perspective of process automation, robotics comprise mechanical non-intelligent arms and bots […]

The media is becoming more positive about AI, and it probably should

I would more readily label myself, if forced, as a technology optimist rather than pessimist. So I very much like this chart from the new AI Index report : Now I am not sure what explains the upturn. My guess is the “AI will take all the jobs” story is a natural first impulse for a society raised on sci-fi showing supercapable computers and robots. (Probably also “AI like Skynet will destroy humanity.) But many economists and technologists have since pushed back on that idea, and maybe their arguments are taking root. (And I have done a considerable bit […]

Freelancers, Brexit and robots: prepare for a changing workforce in 2019

Freelancers, Brexit and robots: prepare for a changing workforce in 2019

Finding ways to communicate with freelance and gig workers will be essential in 2019 The workforce has been through some monumental changes in the past few years.

This is mostly because of technological advances such as social media, automation and instant messaging creating brand new jobs, new ways of working or doing away with work completely. However, all of that is going to pale in comparison compared to what’s in store, both in 2019 and the long run. We’re in a new industrial revolution and just like the previous ones, the workforce is set to be transformed.

So how can business […]

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Okay, let’s start with … 1 big thing: Economic juice Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty For more than a year, the U.S. jobless rate has hovered right around 4% — including the last three months, when it’s been a mind-boggling 3.7%, a half-century low. Fast-growing companies desperate for workers have […]

40 per cent and 50 per cent of jobs

The report acknowledged that many jobs in Australia – 26 per cent according to one OECD paper – will still be "significantly changed by technology, requiring different and new skills".

But as for evidence that robots were destroying jobs, the report observed that the total amount of work per person in Australia had been "roughly stable over the last five decades".

"Fears that labour-displacing technological progress and improvements in productivity would bring about a large drop in available jobs have not materialised," it said."In fact, productivity increases have been associated with more employment, particularly so in Australia."It said there had been […]

More sex in driverless cars?

More sex in driverless cars?

By Chang Se-moon Will sex be more common in driverless cars? At least some studies speculate that to be the case, suggesting the likelihood that more people will die in clashes of driverless cars, a byproduct of artificial intelligence (AI). (The Washington Post, Nov. 13, A15)
Besides more sex in driverless cars, one practical question that everyone is concerned about in AI relates to what types of jobs are likely to be replaced by machine learning. Machine learning is a sub-field of AI that could impact practically everyone in the labor market, including sex workers.
Professors Erik Brynjolfsson of […]

What’s Automation Ever Done For Us? Okay, There Is The Improvement In Worker Safety

What's Automation Ever Done For Us? Okay, There Is The Improvement In Worker Safety

Image courtesy Getty Royalty Free When it comes to worker safety, factory automation is a winner.

That flies in the face of the harsh criticism automation in manufacturing has seen in the press and popular opinion in recent years. It’s not without cause, either – there are far too many horror stories of jobs lost when plants were automated. This has been happening for decades now. There’s also been plenty of “ink spilled” about the steady decline in manufacturing employment for the past 40 years. And of course, automation can lead to consolidation of operations, meaning plant closures and their […]

Digitalisation linked to slowdown in job creation – study

Digitalisation linked to slowdown in job creation - study

The report found that a third of jobs are at high risk of being affected by digitalisation A new report has found that one in three jobs in Ireland is at high risk of being affected by digitalisation over the next five years.

The study by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs also found that those most at risk of displacement by digital technologies are those with lower levels of education.

The analysis says digital technology is rapidly changing how, where and when we do work and increasing efficiency and productivity levels.But the body, which advises the Government on current […]