40 per cent and 50 per cent of jobs

The report acknowledged that many jobs in Australia – 26 per cent according to one OECD paper – will still be "significantly changed by technology, requiring different and new skills".

But as for evidence that robots were destroying jobs, the report observed that the total amount of work per person in Australia had been "roughly stable over the last five decades".

"Fears that labour-displacing technological progress and improvements in productivity would bring about a large drop in available jobs have not materialised," it said."In fact, productivity increases have been associated with more employment, particularly so in Australia."It said there had been […]

The Learning Landscape For 2019

The Learning Landscape For 2019

Digital transformation leads to continuous adaptability

1486452216_DcfNbn_ed-tech.jpg As 2018 comes to a close, it is a good time to contemplate developments in the global learning landscape. In recent years, innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things have been major drivers in transforming business, work and everyday life. While these transformative technologies revolutionized the job market, the skill set demanded by employers has also experienced a major transformation.

Organizations across every industry are now hungry for candidates who possess a varied skillset replete with the latest digital skills and an enthusiasm for continuously upskilling during the course […]

What’s Automation Ever Done For Us? Okay, There Is The Improvement In Worker Safety

What's Automation Ever Done For Us? Okay, There Is The Improvement In Worker Safety

Image courtesy Getty Royalty Free When it comes to worker safety, factory automation is a winner.

That flies in the face of the harsh criticism automation in manufacturing has seen in the press and popular opinion in recent years. It’s not without cause, either – there are far too many horror stories of jobs lost when plants were automated. This has been happening for decades now. There’s also been plenty of “ink spilled” about the steady decline in manufacturing employment for the past 40 years. And of course, automation can lead to consolidation of operations, meaning plant closures and their […]

Want a robot-proof job of the future? Start getting creative

Want a robot-proof job of the future? Start getting creative

Work that uses basic digital skills is more likely to disappear than jobs that rely on decision-making, judgment and the ability to create digital content

The question of how we can best deal with the swiftly changing face of the workforce is a challenge for policy-makers, chief executives, educators — and, of course, workers. You only have to go into a supermarket and see that the cashier has been replaced by a self-service checkout machine to be reminded of the scale and scope of change. It’s no wonder that people feel nervous about their job prospects.

There is also great […]

If Amazon Go technology goes big, grocery workers may get the sack

If Amazon Go technology goes big, grocery workers may get the sack

In 1912, the first Horn & Hardart automat opened in New York City.

A combination of high-tech ingenuity and frugal convenience, the automat was a restaurant that cut out costly servers. Patrons fed coins into streamlined sets of vending machines to get main courses, side dishes and desserts among hundreds of choices.

The concept actually originated in Germany in 1895. Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart licensed it for the United States, opening first in Philadelphia. But it became a Big Apple icon, a backdrop for many movies. As one appreciation described it , “Dining was communal and cafeteria-style, to the extent […]

How Upskilling Can Pave the Way for Blue-Collar Workers’ Employment in the Future

How Upskilling Can Pave the Way for Blue-Collar Workers' Employment in the Future

To be successful in the age of automation, blue-collar workers need upskilling and training to survive in the market hastily opting for robots over humans With artificial intelligence (AI) and automation displacing several human jobs, many blue-collar workers will require special skills to survive in the future. Unlike white collar workers, blue collar workers spend significant amount of time in physical activities. Whereas, the white-collar worker typically performs work in an office environment and may involve sitting at a computer or desk. To be successful at their jobs in the age of automation, blue-collar workers may also need upskilling […]

Taxing robots is a bad idea

Taxing robots is a bad idea

Around 5.7 million jobs in SA will be at risk due to automation. As more jobs become automated globally, prospects of unemployment have sparked worldwide debate on whether governments should impose a tax on robots that are taking over human jobs.

This is not a good idea, as it will not counteract the negative effects of automation, said Professor Rasigan Maharajh, nodal head of the Department of Science and Technology and chief director of the National Research Foundation’s Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. He was speaking at the Global Work Tech Scenarios 2050 conference, […]

Walmart Now Has Robot Janitors Scrubbing Their Floors

Walmart Now Has Robot Janitors Scrubbing Their Floors

It seems the much-feared robot apocalypse may finally be here. Starting next year, it has been announced that hundreds of robot will now be scrubbing floors at Walmart stores nationwide.

The new Zamboni-style janitors will be roaming Walmart’s aisles this January. The firm has ordered 360 of these autonomous cleaners.

Before you fear for safety, it should be noted the robotic janitors come equipped with yellow safety guards on both sides to deter any adventurous customers who might be tempted to hop on and take a ride. A siren also informs people of the robot’s arrival.The robots also have sensors that […]

Questions for the Age of Automation

It seems to be normal that the first emotion associated with accelerated velocity is a sense of exhilaration and a desire for still further speed. However, as the acceleration continues, there comes another feeling, particularly if this change is a radical departure from the normal pace of operations or activities. This change is a feeling of apprehension, a sense of misgiving concerning whether this speed can be properly controlled and whether it can be lived with effectively. So scholar Leon C. Megginson wrote all the way back in 1963, at the very start of the automated workplace. He noted […]

Intelligent Robots Are Here to Make Workers Lives Better

Intelligent Robots Are Here to Make Workers Lives Better

Chris Barber Every successful business leader knows that having the right employees on staff, performing the right jobs, is essential to a profitable business. However; not all successful business leaders know that the right person for the job might end up not being a person at all…

Incorporating robotics systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI) into workforces has been a game-changer for many manufacturing companies. Similarly, the supply chain and logistics businesses that adopt these technologies not only find that their warehouses and distribution or fulfillment centers are more productive, but they are more adaptable to business changes and they […]