Submission by Basic Income Nova Scotia

https://survey-sondage- 93c230c9b958a4cd&c=en-CA&study=Canadian%2bResponse%2bto%2bthe%2bCOVID- 19%2bPandemic&studyId=10819646

Chair, Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird

Treasurer, Pierre StevensThe current context2020 has been a difficult year in Canada and around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the more than 450,500 deaths world-wide. Efforts to control the spread of the virus have led to historically high unemployment levels. Many are struggling. Marginalized people—those of colour, the homeless, the poor, the underpaid or precariously employed, newcomers, migrant workers—are particularly impacted (XX). Governments reacted with temporary measures to support individuals and businesses, notably, the Canada Emergency Benefit (CERB), which temporarily provides $2000 per month to those who have experienced income […]

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