Proposal Of Universal Basic Income Of $2,500 A Month Rejected

Proposal Of Universal Basic Income Of $2,500 A Month Rejected

FILE -A huge poster is pictured on the Plaine de Plainpalais square in Geneva, Switzerland. ( Magali Girardin/Keystone via AP) Switzerland – Swiss voters rejected by a wide margin on Sunday a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income for everyone living in the wealthy country after an uneasy debate about the future of work at a time of increasing automation.

Supporters had said introducing a monthly income of 2,500 Swiss francs ($2,563) per adult and 625 francs per child under 18 no matter how much they work would promote human dignity and public service.

Opponents, including the government, said it […]

Are we ready for Universal Basic Income?

Are we ready for Universal Basic Income?

Money for all Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposals are gaining in popularity across the political spectrum. However most people don’t fully understand what a basic income is or how it would work. Vita International asked to James Boyce of the PERI, the Political Economic Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts what UBI really means.

Scotland could roll out a universal basic income pilot which would not only mitigate against income insecurity but tackle poverty. Countries like Finland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands are preparing to test out a universal basic income . The Canadian province of Ontario will […]

/pol/ – Politically Incorrect

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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basic income means basic needs

basic food, basic water, basic shelter.
People would still need to work for things like a better place to live, a car, a family.Basic income is keeping ahead of the automation curve. Less people are going to need to work in the future.Sure there will be parasites, but that’s not going to change no matter what you do. This would give people more freedom in choosing to do what they want to do, instead of what they have to do. People tend to be more productive when they do things they […]

Free Basic Income For Parents

Free basic income would seem bad in all forms at first, however… It wouldn’t be the first progressive idea to be taken on by conservatives. A group of Bundestag members in the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) have proposed offering parents a basic state income — independent of their own financial situation. The fixed monthly payment, the exact amount of which was not mentioned, would be tied to child care costs and would be subject to social insurance contributions. The payment, part of what the CDU calls its “family pact,” would also be paid out from birth until the child […]

Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas

Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas

"Universal Basic Income: Has its Time Come? It is an idea that has been around for hundreds of years–to give everyone in society a regular chunk of money that is enough to guarantee them a minimum survivable standard of living. Often called Universal or Unconditional Basic Income, the idea has supporters on both right & left. It was cast back into the spotlight this year when the Swiss held a referendum on whether to introduce it. Pilot schemes to test the idea are cropping up… from Berry Four Leaf Clover 4 Leaf Clover Green Three Leaf Leaf Green Green […]

VIDEO: Experimenting with Basic Income in Finland and the Netherlands – Basic Income News

VIDEO: Experimenting with Basic Income in Finland and the Netherlands - Basic Income News

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Mincome, a Canadian basic income pilot project – It’s human and societal effects

Free Money For Everyone or Basic Citizen’s Income | The World Today #04 A universal income – what it is and how it works – utalk Share your thoughts! We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a […]

Free money is not so funny anymore: Confessions of a (former) skeptic of basic income

Free money is not so funny anymore: Confessions of a (former) skeptic of basic income

More and more evidence has contradicted my initial opposition to doling out money to Americans

Getting a tire replaced seems easy to me. I’d just go to the nearest tire place and get it fixed. But Jayleene was living from paycheck to paycheck and didn’t have $110 to spare. She couldn’t get to work, and her boss fired her. She couldn’t make her rent and was soon out on the street – all because she needed $110 at the right time.

Jayleene told me her story during my volunteer shift at a soup kitchen. Her experience was the final straw […]

GERMANY: Remarks by CEO of Europe’s largest engineering company spark interest in UBI

GERMANY: Remarks by CEO of Europe’s largest engineering company spark interest in UBI

On November 20, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that Joe Kaeser, CEO of the multibillion-dollar engineering company Siemens AG, has demanded a basic income.

According to the news report, Kaeser, speaking at the Süddeutsche Zeitung Economic Summit in Berlin, said that a basic income would eventually be necessary to protect workers who become displaced due to artificial intelligence and automation. Subsequently, many readers credited Kaeser with support for unconditional basic income (bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen), as endorsed by BIEN .

In later remarks, however, Kaeser clarified that he does not demand an unconditional basic income–as the Siemens Press Office tweeted on November 22: Source: […]

universal basic income is not just some pipedream

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Getting more expensive to eat

Getting more expensive to eat

By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express

The price of food, like just about everything else, has gone up compared to years past. This increase, however, is more of a burden for some than others.

According to the region’s recently released report on food costs, The Price of Eating Well in Durham Region 2016, the cost for a basic healthy diet for a standard family of four comes to $193 per week, or $837 every month, marking a 12-per-cent bump over the prices seen five years ago.These rising food costs are especially hard for those in the region that are food insecure. According […]