Imagining Computer Consciousness

Could a Computer Ever Become Conscious?

Server RoomCould there be other forms of consciousness besides ours?  Could we imagine a different type of consciousness for a machine, a new way of becoming aware?

Will a Computer Consciousness be Like Human Consciousness?  

Code Watch: Can we code conscious programs?We have evolved with our consciousness.  Maybe a computer consciousness will come into being to meet its own environment?

How Might a Computer Become Conscious?

Brain damage could be repaired by creating new nerve cellsIt might emerge from the environment of a powerful machine.  Or maybe a new manifestation of a universal consciousness, or…

Could we Communicate with a Machine Consciousness?

Study on Why Babies Smile Employs Creepy Toddler Robot for TestsMaybe if we look in all the wrong places.  And architect our software for that possibility rather than telling the machine what to do.


Maybe consciousness will appear in many forms in many machines – Singularities.  We explore these key questions at this site.  Review notes and articles within each topic by clicking on the topic question above (or menu items).  Or browse Curated Articles .