‘AI Godfather’ Says AI Will ‘Take Lots Of Mundane Jobs’, Urges UK To Adopt Universal Basic Income

'AI Godfather' Says AI Will 'Take Lots Of Mundane Jobs', Urges UK To Adopt Universal Basic Income

AI development has the potential to create more wealth, but experts warn it could widen the gap between rich and poor. Wikimedia Commons Computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, often called "the godfather of AI," worries that the newfangled technology will replace many workers doing "mundane jobs." He has urged the UK government to introduce universal basic income to minimise AI’s impact.

Since its emergence, artificial intelligence (AI) has been met with mixed reactions. Some have positioned it as a potential equaliser, suggesting that tools like ChatGPT could benefit employees who struggle with certain aspects of their jobs. Conversely, critics have raised […]

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