Elizabeth Warren and Trump agree on trade, and they’re both completely wrong

Elizabeth Warren and Trump agree on trade, and they're both completely wrong

Elizabeth Warren’s policy platform is nothing like Donald Trump’s, but on trade, they’re two sides of the same coin.

Warren and Trump both blame trade for job loss in the U.S., specifically in the manufacturing industry. And they’re wrong.

Automation isn’t the culprit, Warren claimed during tonight’s Democratic primary debate, the outsourcing of jobs is. Trump has been saying the same thing for years. That’s why he supports hefty tariffs and stringent policies that discourage U.S. corporations from looking overseas for cheaper production.All of the evidence, however, points in the other direction. Trade hardly even figures in the equation. Technological advancements […]

Keep up with robotic revolution

Countries like Bangladesh will miss out on developing themselves at a faster rate if they fail to keep up with the changes being created by robotic revolution as it will lead the fourth industrial revolution, experts said yesterday.

Robots will kill lots of traditional jobs and at the same time, they will create more employment opportunities in the connected world, they said.

“Traditionally, Bangladesh is a physical labour-driven economy. Countries like us will fall into big trouble if we fail to cope up with the upcoming automation,” said Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury, deputy education minister.He spoke at a seminar styled “Present and […]

Economic Inequality & Employment

From shifting job categories , the disruption and decimation of industries, and an impending global skills mismatch, to the concentration of extreme wealth, income inequality, and avoidance of corporate taxes, Silicon Valley’s role in furthering economic inequality is hugely important, insufficiently understood, and under-actioned. The role technology plays in changing the conditions and types of employment, as well as reshaping global economics, is not the most publicized problem the industry has weathered, but it will be the next—and it will be the worst. Like other harmful social outcomes in which it is complicit, the tech industry’s mentality, priorities, and […]

Is Artificial Intelligence good?

Is Artificial Intelligence good?

You’ve read it in the papers. You’ve experienced it in life. Machines are taking over.

And they are doing it fast. Siri turned 9 on October 4 (go ahead, ask her if you don’t believe me). Tesla’s first Autopilot program is also 9. And Alexa is less than 5 years old.

Despite the fact that these AI-powered technologies haven’t graduated past their first decade, they seem to be running our lives. And they are apparently doing it better than we can. Just a few weeks ago, research came out explaining that Artificial intelligence was now at par with human experts when […]

Don’t Tax Robots (Yet)

Don’t Tax Robots (Yet)

A robot at science and technology commission of the Chamber of Deputies during a demonstration of technological innovation at the Chilean Congress in Valparaiso, Chile, October 2, 2019. While most of the Democratic presidential candidates were busy trying to come up with the most extreme proposals possible on health care, guns, and climate change, New York mayor Bill de Blasio earned his ill-fated campaign a brief flurry of media attention by endorsing an idea once backed by Bill Gates: tax robots to mitigate the reduction in human employment that they are expected to cause.

This is a bad idea in […]

A global strike for a feminist future of work

A global strike for a feminist future of work

The IMF claims to be empowering women, but its programmes will only lead to more women doing precarious work. APWLD mobilisation against the IMF and World Bank, October 2018 Read more!

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Speculation around the future of work has dominated policy discussion among governments and international agencies, especially the UN and ILO, in recent years. The debate centers around how technology will disrupt the workforce, with focus on increased automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This has resulted in various policy recommendations ranging from retraining and upskilling, redesigning education systems, to flexibilisation of jobs.The World Bank […]

China Blameless For Lost Jobs In US Says International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) headquarters building is seen ahead of the IMF/World Bank spring meetings in Washington, U.S., April 8, 2019. Discrediting popular belief that China is taking away developed countries’ manufacturing jobs, a new study from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) found out that technology and the automation it brings is the driver of unemployment, not competition from China.

Other countries’ trade relations with China have been mutually beneficial over many years.

However, US workers, particularly factory workers, are losing their jobs and the current US administration is looking at China’s rising productivity because of the mainland’s low, though […]

5 ways Artificial Intelligence can boost employee productivity

5 ways Artificial Intelligence can boost employee productivity

An alliance with AI to reach the sky- AI is not artificial intelligence but augmented intelligence. It helps in employee productivity by dramatically reducing the transaction load. The Artificial Intelligence market, a multibillion-dollar industry is expected to leave a heavier footprint on the economy by rising further in the coming years.

According to statisca.com, AI is destined to grow into a $118.6 billion industry by 2025. Such statistics only reveal the fact that AI is bubbling with the massive potential of boosting employee productivity.

Of course, it would be wrong to regard AI as the enchanted arrow that never misses the […]

Globalisation, robotics and pathways to development

Globalisation, robotics and pathways to development

Trade for Development News discussed the future of globalisation and pathways to development with Richard Baldwin, Professor of Economics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and Director of the Centre for Economic Policy Research. In his latest book, The Globotics Upheaval , Baldwin predicts a future globalisation shaped by digitally fuelled innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence that will be very different from the present and the past. This future raises important questions around prospects for least developed countries in a dizzying era of global disruption.

TfD: Before peering into the future, let us first take a quick step […]

Cobots the new lab assistants

Cobots the new lab assistants

Sriram RD , Managing Director, AuroLab and Pradeep David , General Manager, South Asia, Universal Robots in conversation with Prathiba Raju elucidate on how automation via cobots is reshaping the medical devices and diagnostic industry

Why is it necessary for the Indian medical devices and diagnostics industry to be automated?

Sriram RD: There is a lot of work in the medical industry that needs to be automated like packaging and other activities of the same kind. Pharma industry is considered as the sector which is established in a better way and several machines remain fully automated. There is […]