Keep up with robotic revolution

Countries like Bangladesh will miss out on developing themselves at a faster rate if they fail to keep up with the changes being created by robotic revolution as it will lead the fourth industrial revolution, experts said yesterday.

Robots will kill lots of traditional jobs and at the same time, they will create more employment opportunities in the connected world, they said.

“Traditionally, Bangladesh is a physical labour-driven economy. Countries like us will fall into big trouble if we fail to cope up with the upcoming automation,” said Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury, deputy education minister.He spoke at a seminar styled “Present and […]

Economic Inequality & Employment

From shifting job categories , the disruption and decimation of industries, and an impending global skills mismatch, to the concentration of extreme wealth, income inequality, and avoidance of corporate taxes, Silicon Valley’s role in furthering economic inequality is hugely important, insufficiently understood, and under-actioned. The role technology plays in changing the conditions and types of employment, as well as reshaping global economics, is not the most publicized problem the industry has weathered, but it will be the next—and it will be the worst. Like other harmful social outcomes in which it is complicit, the tech industry’s mentality, priorities, and […]

Automation to Hit Black Workers Harder Than Other Groups by 2030

Automation to Hit Black Workers Harder Than Other Groups by 2030

SHENYANG, CHINA – AUGUST 27: An automated robot production line is seen at a digital workshop of SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd., which is belonging to Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), on August 27, 2019 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province of China. (Photo by Yu Haiyang/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images) *A new report from McKinsey & Co. suggests Black Americans will hit the hardest as automation upends the workforce, and hundreds of thousands will be unemployed by 2013.

“By 2030, the employment outlook for African Americans — particularly men, younger workers (ages 18–35), and those without a college degree […]

Trump Should Focus on Warren, not Biden

Trump Should Focus on Warren, not Biden

President Donald Trump appears obsessed about getting something on former Vice President Joe Biden. Should he survive impeachment, however Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the opponent he should be worried about most.

Surging in the polls, the Massachusetts Democrat best speaks to the trials of Americans who came of age in this century and educated women – groups whose voting numbers are growing.

Much as Trump tapped displaced blue-collar workers and their offspring in smaller cities and rural areas often dependent on manufacturing -a cohort receding in importance as many skill-up and migrate to metropoles offering better job opportunities.That new economy-so often […]

Andrew Yang: “We Automated Away Four Million Manufacturing Jobs”

Andrew Yang:

It’s encouraging to see a smart young candidate for president talking about automation as a threat to the US economy and American jobs. The 2016 election was lacking any such discussion: the tech community was aware, but Washington lagged behind, as usual.

The formula is simple: when a machine become less expensive than a worker, then the human will go. And unlike the Great Depression, the jobs won’t come back.

Among the first jobs to go are the low-skilled sort, the employment that illegal border crossers count on getting in America. It’s likely that automation-caused unemployment would be higher without President […]

Is the city’s workforce prepared for the future?

Is the city's workforce prepared for the future?

New York’s economy is in flux. The past decade has seen a continued decline in manufacturing employment and uncertainty in the retail sector, combined with strong job growth in hospitality, health care , construction and tech . The questions are whether public and private institutions have adjusted to these changes, and whether city residents have the skills that fit the positions the economy is creating.

"The rapidly transforming labor market of the 21st century is making obsolete traditional ways of training and educating," the Center for an Urban Future, a leading think tank, warned in a 2016 report. Of particular […]

Is Artificial Intelligence good?

Is Artificial Intelligence good?

You’ve read it in the papers. You’ve experienced it in life. Machines are taking over.

And they are doing it fast. Siri turned 9 on October 4 (go ahead, ask her if you don’t believe me). Tesla’s first Autopilot program is also 9. And Alexa is less than 5 years old.

Despite the fact that these AI-powered technologies haven’t graduated past their first decade, they seem to be running our lives. And they are apparently doing it better than we can. Just a few weeks ago, research came out explaining that Artificial intelligence was now at par with human experts when […]

Anti-Technology Backlash: What’s Real? What’s Myth?

Anti-Technology Backlash: What’s Real? What’s Myth?

Is the public turning against robots? Are employees who fear for their jobs vandalizing them? Some anti-robot incidents have been reported in recent years: Take hitchBOT, a “hitchhiking robot”: It was fun but it was vandalized in 2015: As you probably know by now, HitchBot—a device made of pool noodles, rubber gloves, a bucket, and the computer power needed to talk, smile, and tweet—was deliberately decapitated and dismembered this week, only 300 miles into its hitchhiking journey across the United States. HitchBot had successfully made similar journeys across the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada, relying on bemused strangers for transportation. […]

Independent candidate feels the system is broken

Independent candidate feels the system is broken

Maria Lewans Swift Current resident and small business owner Maria Lewans is running as an independent candidate in the Cypress Hills-Grasslands federal riding.

She feels that society needs to change profoundly and the political parties in this federal election are not able to implement transformative change.

“We’re digging ourselves deeper into our problems instead of getting out,” she said. “I didn’t think any of the other parties were really addressing the situation. I don’t think re-arranging our taxes, giving tax breaks, filtering money here and there, is going to do anything. Our problems plaguing society are very deep-rooted and we really […]

Letter to the Editor: Universal basic income is inevitable as we head toward a fully automated society

Letter to the Editor: Universal basic income is inevitable as we head toward a fully automated society

The industrial revolution, which started with the invention of the first commercially successful steam engine in Britain in the 18th century, allowed Britain to literally conquer the world. All the other advancements were built on what was started in the 18th century.

Today, we are witnessing another technological shift or revolution in the sciences: the Digital Revolution, which started in the 1960s with the implementation and adoption of digital data and digital computers (as opposed to human computers, who would run calculations by hand) from transistors and integrated circuits.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and data mining techniques are being implemented in […]