Canadian workers aren’t too worried about robots taking their jobs, web survey finds

Canadian workers aren’t too worried about robots taking their jobs, web survey finds

If walking and talking robots are coming to replace employees at counters, desks and tills, Canadians don’t appear to be too concerned about it.

That’s the broad finding in a new survey released Wednesday by the Environics Institute, a research organization that engaged with 5,000 Canadians over the age of 18 between February 28 and April 4.

“To find that Canadians don’t appear to be overly anxious about how technology is changing the workplace, it was surprising enough,” said Andrew Parkin, executive director at the Environics Institute, which partnered with the Future Skills Centre and Ryerson’s Diversity Institute on the survey.There’s […]

Trump hails ‘manufacturing miracle’ as factories bleed jobs

Trump hails ‘manufacturing miracle’ as factories bleed jobs

Four years after he won the Midwest by vowing to revitalize the U.S. manufacturing workforce, President Donald Trump is campaigning for reelection on a job well done. The numbers tell a different story.

Trump’s anti-trade agenda and a pandemic-induced recession have combined to shutter factories and accelerate decades-old trends toward automation, eliminating hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs, many for good, including in the Rust Belt states he needs to win in November.

The president’s path to the Oval Office was paved by his victory in this factory-intense region, where a downturn in manufacturing that began in 2015 opened the door […]

The Future Trajectory of Automation

Imagine a catering business which serves 500 meals a day. One day, they seize an opportunity to grow their business. They automate 90% of the cooking process, and with the same number of employees in the kitchen, they can now prepare 2000 meals a day. A huge 4-times gain in the productivity of human effort!

However, there is another side to this productivity gain. Look at it from the resource perspective – it now requires 4 times more resources to keep the same number of people employed. This is a classic example of how automation is increasing the “Resource Intensity” […]

Introducing the K-shaped economic recovery, favouring some sectors and leaving others behind

A woman checks out a jobs advertisement sign during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto on April 29, 2020. The Canadian Press Linda Nazareth is host of the Work and the Future podcast and senior fellow for economics and population change at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa.

And today’s recovery is brought to you by the letter ‘K,’ or at least that is how it is beginning to look. Oh sure, some of the indicators are getting us hopeful about a ‘V’ or maybe a ‘U,’ and some pessimists figure we are stuck at ‘L,’ but it would seem that […]

Will the pandemic further polarize the US labor market?

Will the pandemic further polarize the US labor market?

In recent decades, the U.S. labor market has undergone a fundamental shift — a polarization of the job market and the hollowing out of middle-skill occupations. Furthermore, since 1990, every U.S. recession has been followed by a so-called jobless recovery . Given the unique nature of the pandemic shock, the following question is worth considering: Will the 2020 recession further polarize the job market and leave us with another jobless recovery?

Since the early 1980s, middle-skill, routine occupations have declined while high-skill, non-routine occupations have seen substantial growth. Interestingly, low-skill, non-routine service-oriented occupations have also experienced job growth. Economists Daron […]

I’m not a robot: How Covid-19 is accelerating the skills gap

I'm not a robot: How Covid-19 is accelerating the skills gap

When Salford University in the UK announced in June this year it had received funding from the European Regional Development Fund for its £13m North of England Robotics Innovation Centre, it became the latest in a growing list of UK and European universities to offer courses on robotics engineering. There is an irony here in that the Salford region voted to leave the EU during the UK’s referendum in 2016 but nevertheless, that EU funding will undoubtedly go to good use. In fact, while pre-Covid-19, robotics was unfairly regarded as the reason behind potential job losses, today, it could […]

Trump’s plan to ‘decouple’ from China will require a robot revolution: Don Pittis

Trump's plan to 'decouple' from China will require a robot revolution: Don Pittis

U.S. President Donald Trump in a Labour Day address to reporters called for decoupling from China to bring manufacturing jobs home. (Sarah Silbiger/Reuters) As North America goes through its biggest recession and loss of jobs in decades, U.S. President Donald Trump is offering a job creation solution.

In a Labour Day election address to the media, the Republican candidate declared that a move toward "decoupling" from China would transform the U.S. economy and bring manufacturing jobs home.

"We will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world and we’ll end reliance on China once and for all," Trump said in […]

The Great Services Illusion

The Great Services Illusion

In the wake of COVID-19, some economists are calling for developing countries to shift from industrialization to services, or even to bypass the manufacturing stage of development altogether. But blind faith in services-led growth is a dangerous illusion, and the arguments supporting it are deeply flawed.

CAMBRIDGE – As the world prepares for the post-pandemic era, the quest for sustainable economic growth is becoming ever more intense – especially for developing countries. It is tempting to call for these countries – the main engine of global growth in recent decades – to shift their development strategies from industrialization to services. […]

Kenya should take tech path to industrialisation

Kenya should take tech path to industrialisation

An aerial view of Nairobi CBD. FILE PHOTO | NMG Two weeks ago, I wrote about cheap labour not being the industrialisation path for Kenya. I cited the story a young engineer who worked in a company producing bottle caps for 12 hours a day and calculated his labour output for the day as Sh6 million after producing 1.2 million bottle caps before talking about the subject matter of cheap labour.

Now, I had indicated that the reason behind writing the article was to respond to the follow-up analysis that cheap labour was what industrialised the East Asian Tigers but […]

Automation Technologies: The Future of Business Here Today

Automation Technologies: The Future of Business Here Today

Automation Technologies: The Future of Business Here Today 1 By Dijam Panigrahi is Co-founder and COO of Grid Raster Inc.

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology especially as it can make or break a company’s efficiency and bottom line. With that in mind, businesses should be aware of the latest trend: automation technology. Deemed as the number-one trend by Gartner in 2020, automation technology is the future of business.

Automation technology can be programmed to complete logical processes for a particular business. This grouping includes, but is not limited to, robotic process automation […]